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Raccoons in the Soffit – News

Raccoons in the Soffit – Alpha Wildlife Columbia Raccoons in the soffit is a main area where raccoons will make their nesting area as well as using the soffit to move around the house freely. There isn’t typically insulation in the soffit area, which in turn, makes it hard for raccoons to move in the […]

Raccoons in the Attic – News

Raccoons in the Attic – Alpha Wildlife Raccoons in the Attic are a massive problem in Columbia, SC. The entire mid-state is covered in trees and has the perfect climate for raccoons to thrive. It is my personal opinion that raccoons love pine trees. Just based on experience, pine trees seem to be a favorite […]

Raccoon Infestation

Raccoon Removal in Columbia, Sc is a major issue for the residents in Columbia. The midstate is the perfect conditions for raccoons to survive and thrive. Raccoons are able to do so because of the mild climate and the amount of trees in the city. Due to these conditions, raccoons inevitably make it into your […]