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Squirrel Removal in Columbia, Sc is a year round issue. The damage that squirrels can do in your attic can be severe. While Squirrels have a reputation for looking “cute”, they can also cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, insulation, water damage, etc. For most people though, the squirrels in the attic, usually doesn’t cause that extreme damSquirrel Removal - Alpha Wildlife Columbiaage.

When squirrels get in the attic, they begin to make a nest for themselves or their young. The most active times of year for squirrels will be in the spring and the fall due to their mating seasons. Once the kits are born, then a new set of problem starts. The young squirrels will stay put in the wall until they can walk on their own. Wants they are on their own legs, the squirrels, just like human children, will begin to scratch and claw. In general they will act like any young children and be loud all the time, except when they are sleeping.

If you have squirrels in the wall, squirrels in the attic, or need any type of squirrel removal, please contact us at Alpha Wildlife Columbia for a free assessment.

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