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Alpha Wildlife Columbia offers a detailed and permanent squirrel removal service. Our goal for removing the squirrels in the attic are to get rid of them permanently. What we don’t want to do is chase squirrels every month patching new holes that were made. When squirrels get into the attic, they have essentially established that space as their new home.

Squirrels are not lazy animals, they will chew on just about anything. Which makes squirrel removal that much harder. We can remove the squirrels that have made a hole to get into the attic, but without properly fixing the how with a permanent material, ie. Metal, Concrete, etc. another squirrel can and will chew back in. So how do we stop the madness and get your squirrel free ounce again?

Squirrel Removal Columbia

First thing that needs to be done is to set our humane, live traps. With live traps you must check them everyday. While we are trapping, Alpha Wildlife will close up all the entry points and vulnerable areas to ensure that the squirrels don’t chew into those areas. Once the seal up is completed and the squirrels are removed, Alpha Wildlife will perform an Enzyme treatment in the attic to get rid of the scent trails, left behind from the squirrels that were removed. Once we are done, your home will be squirrel free and remain that way! Call Alpha Wildlife today for a free assessment or visit us at Alpha Wildlife Columbia

Alpha Wildlife is a veteran owned and operated company that services the entire Columbia, SC Metro Area. including: Columbia, West Columbia, Pelion, South Congaree, Gaston, Cayce, Chapin, St. Andrews, Lexington, Irmo, Gilbert, Pine Ridge, Ballentine, Forest Acres, Springdale, Red Bank, and everywhere in between.

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