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Bat Removal Swansea

Bat Removal in Swansea last all year long and has become a nuisance for the residents in Swansea. If you are seeing bats fly around your home at dusk or at night then you may have a bat issue. The bat issue can be just a couple of bats or it can also turn into a full bat infestation in your home. Bat removal in Swansea has dramatically increased, as the bat population has bounced back from white nose syndrome. Being that all bats in Swansea are protected by the state and federal government, you have to be extremely delicate in bat removal in Swansea. 

Attempting to remove Bats on your own can be difficult and dangerous, because bats typically nest in very tight and small spaces. Bat Removal in Swansea is not for the faint of heart or those afraid of heights. Outside of the repairs that need to be done on your home for Bat Removal, you must keep in mind that Bats can carry a multitude of disease and bacteria. To properly and permanently remove bats from your Swansea home, call Alpha Wildlife today! 

All of Alpha Wildlife’s technicians are Nationally certified in nuisance wildlife removal as well as nationally certified in bat standards and removal. Once we identify where the bats are getting in your home, we will come up with a plan that is specific for your home to get the bats removed. While bats are a very important part of the Swansea environment, they can be detrimental to your home and health once they get inside. Their feces can cause harmful toxins to be released into the air and can actually have bat bugs crawling through the feces in the attic

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Bat Removal Swansea – Bat Exclusion Experts

Bat Removal Swansea

To rid your home of bats, our bat removal experts will implement effective bat exclusion methods to prevent bats from re-entering your home after they leave your attic during the night. Once the bats have all left, our crew will repair any damage they may have caused, including cleaning up the guano and sanitizing the entire area so you no longer have to worry about harmful toxins in your attic.

Getting rid of bats from homes in the Swansea area is our specialty, and we are more than happy to help your current situation. If your home is currently experiencing a bat infestation, call the bat removal experts at Alpha Wildlife Columbia today!

Alpha Wildlife Provides Bat Services That Include:

  • Bat control
  • Guano (Feces) Removal
  • Bat removal
  • Odor neutralization
  • Bat Prevention from future bat infestations 

Bat Removal Swansea –  Alpha Wildlife

Make sure to choose the Swansea wildlife removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about our Bat removal and prevention services in the greater Columbia, SC area, call us at (803) 638-8779. Contact our wildlife removal experts to learn more!

This includes the following counties: Lexington, Richland, and the Greater Columbia area . Call (803) 638-8779 now!

1. Trapping

After detecting the wildlife and the area, we will come up with a trapping solution that is efficient and ethical.

2. Prevention

Once we have removed the wildlife from your property, we make sure strategies are in place to prevent the problem from repeating.

3. Repair

If any damage was made to your property prior to trapping, we will come up with a solution to handle any repairs.



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